Donations go towards an educational fund established for our beneficiaries.

The following sponsors continue to make our achievements possible!

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please fill out the contact form below.

(734) 368 0744

Thank you, to all of those who have helped

On behalf of everyone involved in the Family Fun Day event, we would like to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors, local businesses, friends, family, and patrons of the community for your commitment to help make this event a success.  We greatly appreciate all of your continuing contributions to this charitable fundraising event.  We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the support of such a wonderful heartfelt community.  Your participation will continue to help us make a difference in the surrounding communities.  With your support and dedication we can achieve our goal as set forth in our mission statement.  “Our goal is to organize and promote family orientated fundraising events designed to raise money for the next generation, thus helping those to broaden their education and pursue their dreams.”  The future is filled with infinite possibilities because of what we together as a community can achieve.  We value your feedback!  If you have any questions, concerns, requests, or suggestions for our future events, please do not hesitate to contact us today at

With your help and support

We hope to make this next fundraising event the most successful one yet.  We are continuously seeking additional contributions, volunteers, and sponsors to help us raise money for an educational fund that we have established for the four surviving children of our dear friend, Joel C. Cleary - Lusk.

Opportunities to Volunteer in 2016

We have multiple volunteer positions still available for the next Family Fun Day event.  If you would be willing to supervise games, organize activities for the children, help maintain concession stands, provide entertainment, or any other particular job that needs to be accomplished.  We have divided tasks into manageable two (2) hour shifts so that everyone including our admirable volunteers can enjoy the festivities and have a chance to participate in this wonderful fun-filled family event.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Unlike most of the other sponsorship programs out there, we do not have sponsorship levels that require a minimum donation to become a sponsor.  We will accept any contribution that you would be willing to make.  You could donate door prizes to be handed out, food or beverages for the event, gift certificates or other items to be auctioned, prizes for the children, additional games, activities, attractions, or other services that you would be willing to provide.  Cash donations are also excepted and appreciated, you could help sponsor the expense of renting a bounce house, dunk tank, photo booth, or other amusement equipment used to attract attention and appeal to spectators and participants.

Sponsorship Recognition

To show our appreciation we will include your business or organization in local press releases, as well as posting links from our website, Facebook, and other social media networking sites across the web, recommending your business or organization as a proud sponsor of this charitable fundraising event.  Thank you in advance for your participation, generosity, help, and support.

Contact Us Today

Any businesses, organizations, or patrons of the community that would like to request more information, make a contribution, volunteer, or sponsor the event in any way that would help, please fill out the contact form or email your inquiries to

Below you will find information on becoming a sponsor as well as a list of past and present sponsors who have helped us over the years!

Please Patronize Our Sponsors!

The sponsors listed above have contributed financially and/or rendered assistance to our organization, most of which have contributed on numerous occasions.  Whenever you are purchasing goods or services, please consider our sponsors first!  We hope that you will go out of your way to patronize these fine businesses and organizations whenever possible, and thank them for their support as they are good stewards of the community.  Without their support and heartfelt contributions the Family Fun Day event would not be possible.

We are always seeking additional sponsors to help our cause!  If you would be willing to sponsor and/or volunteer at this year's Family Fun Day event, please fill out the contact form above, email, or call (734) 368 0744.


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6th Annual Family Fun Day Sponsorship Program

Registration for the 6th Annual Family Fun Day Sponsorship Program will end July 1, 2016. Register today before you miss the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event! We have many different sponsorship opportunities listed below. There is no minimum donation required, any business or organization that wishes to sponsor the event and contribute in any fashion will be promoted equally on our website. Please remember that auction items, and supplies to be donated (except perishable items) would be appreciated at the time of registration to secure that your business or organization is recognized as a proud sponsor of this charitable event. Sponsorship recognition includes advertising and promotion on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networking sites across the web, a press release to local newspapers, and the opportunity to interact with and help your surrounding community. Sponsors are welcome to display banners, yard signs, or any other promotional material at the event in hopes that you receive additional clientele and are patronized for your support of the 6th Annual Family Fun Day event.